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Da Music Meme, Heroes Style!

Title: Da Music Meme, Heroes Style!
Artist: sapphire17
Pairings/Characters: Peter/Sylar, Peter/Nathan, Hiro/Ando, Sylar/Nathan, Future!Peter/Future!Niki, Peter/Claire, H.R.G. / Noah Bennet, Issac Mendez
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some launguage, blood, crack, drug-use, that this was drawn by me...
Summary: Well, it's a music meme. :0 Each song has a different pairing/set of characters that go with the song, and, yeah... I didn't know what I was doing. ^__^"

Da Music Meme...Collapse )

Table: 15pairings

1. Something Sweet 2. Pick Me Up 3. Only Playing/Pretending 4. Look Who's On Top! 5. Flower(s)
6. Elope 7. Cherry Flavored Medicine 8. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" 9. Meow~ 10. Indecent Exposure
11. Pain 12. Between the Sheets 13. "What a Waste" 14. First Come, First Serve! 15. Consummation

Table: un_love_you

01.You were right about me. 02.I was wrong about you. 03.This cancels out the hurt.
04.I need to want you. 05.You can be like me. 06.I want to need you.
07.Prove it. 08.I'm cruel. 09.Always wondered what this'd be like.
10.I'm broken. 11.Thought I needed this. 12.I'm drunk.
13.I want to hurt you. 14.I'm awake and you're breathing. 15.This is my desperation in action.
16.I want to break you. 17.Wish I didn't love you. 18.I pity you.
19.This isn't about you at all. 20.I hate you, you bitch. 21.You'll do.
22.I hate myself. 23.You remind me of me. 24.I want you to hate me.
25.You remind me of someone. 26.I can be like you.27. Author's Choice.
28.Author's Choice. 29.Author's Choice. 30.Author's Choice.

Table of Contents

Fic: The House of Mirrors

Title: The House of Mirrors
Pairing: Peter/Sylar
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mild language, boy kissing
Summery: Peter Petrelli comes to the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, where Samuel informs Peter that there is a man there with amnesia. Peter tells Samuel he can heal him with his current ability, only, Peter has no idea the man is really Sylar...

The House of MirrorsCollapse )

Fic: Hate

Title: Hate
Pairings: Peter x Sylar, Sylar x Peter (Yes, both!)
Rating: NC-17
Summery: At Nathan's grave, Peter runs into Sylar... and Peter is determined to make Sylar pay for Nathan's death...
Warnings: Non-con, dub-con, blood-play, that the fic was written by me...
Prompt: #6 @ 50kinkyways, Restraints
A/N: This was my dream, people! Yes, I drempt this... and this is the result... Please don't flame me! I didn't mean to dream it!

Hate...Collapse )

Fic: A Night at the Club

Title: A Night at the Club
Author: Sapphire17
Pairings: Lee x Lei
Rating: NC-17
Summery: While working undercover on a case, Lei Wulong enters a gay club... where he meets none other than Lee Chaolan...
Warnings: Mild language, alcohol usage, explicit sexual content

A Night at the ClubCollapse )

Fic: A Surprise in Every Box!

Title: A Surprise in Every Box!
Author: Sapphire17
Pairings: Feng x Lee, Kazuya x Paul
Rating: PG-13
Summery: Christmas challenge fic, Feng/Lee. Feng and Lee are spending Christmas Eve together, when Lee receives some... interesting and perverted presents from some of the other competitors...
Warnings: Mild Language

A Surprise in Every Box!Collapse )

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